Etna Ovens – History


Etna Ovens are manufactures of outdoor wood fired ovens, the company was formed in 2012 by childhood friends Giuseppe Buttice & Rene D’Argenio. Their passion for outdoor cooking led them to build a concept wood fired pizza oven in their gardens with great results, they then progressed to producing ovens in their local area in their spare time, which quickly transformed into a mini factory from their garage.
They received great response and feedback from their product and decided to take the leap and dedicate themselves full time to Etna Ovens.


Etna ovens has managed to grow and acquire an audience, having tested and perfected the design of their ovens.



Etna Ovens has now launched into phase two, with Giuseppe & Rene spending many hours tweaking their original design they have produced a more refined and consistent product. The business has continued evolving over the last few years, their product has been on display at the London Grand Designs Show & Ideal Homes Show, the 0ven has also been selected by an assortment of National garden centers and they have supplied ovens to a handful of well know European Chefs.