It’s baking time! This is where all your hard works pays off.

Once you have added all your desired toppings, transfer your pizza onto a pizza peel, positioning it quite close to the top edge.

Depending on the size of your wood burning oven, make sure you have allowed the stack of wood to burn for 20 minutes or more.  This will allow the oven to approach its highest temperature of roughly 450 degrees Celsius.

When you are ready, carefully place your pizza inside the wood burning oven, sliding it off the peel so it lays flat on the oven floor besides the fire.  In temperatures as high as 450 degrees, your pizza will cook in under 90 seconds so keep a close eye on it. During cooking, make sure you keep rotating the pizza regularly to ensure an even cook.  Once the 90 seconds are up, your pizza will be perfectly cooked and ready to be removed from the oven.

Divide your scrumptiously looking pizza up into slices, serve and enjoy! You will have never tasted a better pizza.


Note: Your safety is very important to us! We advise you take great care when using any wood burning oven by reading and fully understanding the instructions thoroughly before use and by purchasing protective and heatproof gloves to use when in close contact with the oven.