00 Flour

To make the perfect pizza, it’s important you use the right flour. That’s why we recommend using ‘00’ flour. It is ideal for many reasons; it’s finely ground, has a low gluten content compared to other flours, it performs well in high temperatures (making it an excellent choice for using in our wood burning ovens) and it also gives your pizza a lovely soft texture. Two common ‘00’ flour brands are Caputo and San Felice, so make sure to look for these on your supermarket shelves. 00 Flour is almost always used in traditional Neapolitan style pizzas, a style of pizza commonly enjoyed and eaten all over the world; originating from Naples, Italy.

Even though we recommend using 00 flour, there are other flours you can use to make a great pizza:

High Gluten Flour

This is a high protein flour and most commonly used in New York style pizzas. The most common brands to purchase are King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Pendleton’s, Giusto’s and All Trumps. This type of flour is much harder to find in supermarkets since it’s not regularly stocked, so you may find yourself searching the internet and ordering it online. Using this flour will give your pizza a much breadier texture with a light chewy and thin crust- the signature pizza New York is famous for.

All Purpose Flour

This is a very common flour that most people would have heard of before. It has a higher protein content then 00 flour, but a lower gluten content.  The name ‘all purpose’ is just like it sounds, good for mostly everything.  It will make a good tasting pizza dough, but can be a little harder to stretch out and shape compared to other flours as it has a tendency to tear more easily. If your favourite kind of pizza is Sicilian or one with a deep-dish crust, then this is the flour for you! You’ll find a variety of all-purpose flour in every supermarket, your average supermarket brand being adequate for the job.

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