Separate your dough into portion sized balls- roughly 120g of dough per portion. Start to form them into rounds using your hands. Tip: Use a scissor motion with your hands to round the sides first and then cup your hands underneath the dough by bringing your palms together to finish. This will give you a pinched bottom but smooth top which will allow the dough to rise evenly.

On a lightly floured baking tray, place your rounds of dough evenly apart from each other. Allow approximately 3cm between each round and then leave to rest some more. Once each round of dough has expanded enough that they touch, your dough is ready to be shaped.

Remove each round from the tray carefully, retaining its shape as much as possible. Place the dough, smooth side down, on a lightly floured surface using semola or semolina flour. Tip: Lightly flouring the surface will stop your dough from sticking to the surface; making the task of shaping a little easier.

There are two options you can choose when shaping your pizza:

Option 1 (for the beginner)

Using the middle of your fingers and fingertips, start to gently stretch your dough into a flat circle. Continue to push the edge of the dough outwards using your fingers still to increase its diameter and shape it into a disk. Alternatively, you can instead use a rolling pin to stretch out your dough into a disk shape. We recommended making your pizzas 10 inches in diameter and around 5mm in thickness. Tip: Keep checking that the pizza base doesn’t stick to the surface by moving the dough around- it should be able to freely move and spin around.

Option 2 (for the more experience)

If you’re feeling a little more brave, once you have gently stretched your dough into a flat circle (from option 1) you can increase its diameter by placing the dough over both of your clenched fists and, using a circular motion, begin to stretch out the dough. This can take a little bit of practice to get the hang of, but if you know what you’re doing then go ahead and stretch away.

Once you are happy with the size and shape of your pizza base, it’s time for the fun part, adding the toppings!

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